Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Elena's Homecoming

As mentioned in my other blog, the hubby got me a Super Dollfie doll from Volks USA, which was our first time there. We went on Feb. 14 as our so-called highlight of the day since we've never been there due to the fact that they are only open on weekends. VOLKS USA inc, you must open on weekdays too!!!

Anyhow, I was amazed by their dolls, the makeup, the clothes, their bodies, EVERYTHING! The quality is just absolutely different! On our first day, I couldn't make up my mind if whether I should let Mark buy me one AND if I did choose to get one.. which one? Elena or Nono? *sigh* It took me forever to decide, but I only had one night to think it over.

So the following day... Feb. 15, the final verdict: We went and got one... and I chose Elena. I still haven't given her a personal name. I have to think hard for this because she might just be my one and only Super Dollfie.

Here are a few pictures I took when we got home... A SNEAK PEAK just for you!

So lets leave it there. I shall leave you with a little suspense and surely, you will get to see more better pictures of her soon!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Perfect Fit!

Here's Hailey presenting the MAC-Hello Kitty haul I bought today. I don't have much pictures of her just yet, but I thought it'd be cute for her to model this collection. Perfect, don't you think? : )

Sunday, February 1, 2009

My Dolly Family Picture

Nyah and Richard!

The two presenting each other. This is just a random picture that was taken last year at home in the Philippines. I thought it looked cute and funny. : )

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Nyah is my favorite pullip doll and has captured my heart the very first time I saw her. Hence, after doing my research, I didn't mind paying her sky-rocketed price. Her face really differs from the other girls, specifically her eyes. Though she may not be the most photogenic of them all, I think she is very cute and possesses a glow no other pullip doll has! She is my most behaved and has traveled with me to the Philippines just recently. Nyah will always have a special place in my heart.

Birthday: May 9, 2008


Micah is new to the family. I rewigged her hair to something shorter in which, I think she looks so much better now rather than in her stocked, long, maroon, and curly hair. I like her make-up... soft and simple on her skin. Most of her pictures seem to get a whole lot of attention and positive compliments from viewers. She's a pretty doll, I must say.

Birthday: August 2, 2008


Her name is Aika. It isn't all about the hair or hair color. This doll's big brown and sparkling eyes... oh, and her glossly lips simply caught my attention. Any angles of this doll will produce beautiful pictures and that's how photogenic she is! One more thing, she likes to dance!

Birthday: July 29, 2008